Greg d'Eon

University of Waterloo

When I start studying at Waterloo, I’ll update this page with details about my research. Until then, take a look at Edith Law’s work on crowdsourcing and Kate Larson’s work on multi-agent systems.

Dalhousie University

While I was studying Computer Engineering at Dalhousie, I had a chance to work on a wide range of projects. Here are a few of them:


At NewAE Technology, I helped develop the ChipWhisperer toolchain. My work included:
  • Creating embedded software, including C and Verilog firmware for the ChipWhisperer and a variety of encryption routines for various target devices
  • Developing two large Python programs to control the ChipWhisperer hardware and analyze recorded data
  • Designing a remote analysis system, including high-performance statistical analysis methods and a client/server web API
  • Writing tutorials and training material on the theoretical background and features in the ChipWhisperer
  • Maintaining the public Github repository, managing releases, issue reports, and pull requests

Jeff Dahn Research Group

I spent two 4 month terms with the Jeff Dahn Research Group - one funded by an NSERC DREAMS scholarship, and one for my first co-op term at Dalhousie. In the lab, I built a frequency response analyzer (FRA) which combined impedance measurement equipment with ordinary battery cyclers, testing cells automatically throughout the cycling process. The equipment gave researchers a method to test a variety of battery chemistries quickly and easily.

Data from my FRA system was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.